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What is a digital transformation roadmap & 5 steps to creating one

September 6, 2022

What Is a Digital Transformation Roadmap?

A digital transformation roadmap is a plan that moves your organization from Point A (using your current digital processes) to Point B (using new digital processes). Think of it like taking a road trip — you know where you are and where you want to go, but you need to map out how you’ll arrive at your destination. 

Your digital transformation roadmap helps define and manage the initiative. It provides structure to the migration from one tool to the next — including everything from technology, people, and processes — to ensure a successful transformation.

The term “digital transformation roadmap” is tossed around a lot in enterprise businesses, but advice on how to actually deploy one tends to be unnecessarily complicated. 

“Establish a successful process that will address the top-of-mind needs of your unique organizational environment” really means “find what works for your company and create a plan to make it happen.” 

Building and acting on a digital transformation roadmap can actually be quite simple — you just need to establish the basics first.

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